recycle Recycle
Why should we recycle electronics?
Earth needs a breath
Producing electronics takes a lot of resources. And not just that. Once thrown out, 87% ends up as e-waste in landfills in Asia and Africa, polluting our soil, air, and oceans.
Reuse raw materials
We can easily reuse most parts of electronics. But not all: some parts have toxic material. Recycling is effectively saving the valuable parts and getting rid of the harmful parts properly.
How can I start recycling?
You can do it on Valyuu soon. In the meantime you could:
Via Valyuu
Pack extra electronics together with the product you’re selling on Valyuu. We’ll recycle it for free. Just use the same package with the prepaid label that we got you.
In the Netherlands
In Belgium
In Germany
Via Wecycle
Toss your old products in one of the e-waste containers near you. By the way, you can earn Valyuu credits for sharing your recycling action photo with us at: [email protected].