Why is it important to recycle electronic products?

High cost on the environment
Producing electronics takes a lot of resources. And not just that. Once thrown out they often end up in landfills in poor countries. This causes soil contamination and unhealthy working conditions.

Reuse of materials
Many materials of electronic products can be reused. They contain valuable raw materials and in some cases harmful substances. That’s why it’s important to recycle electronics properly.

How can I recycle?

You can soon recycle your electronics on Valyuu. In the meantime you can:

1. Pack extra electronics together with the product you’re selling on Valyuu. We’ll recycle it for free. Just use the same package with the prepaid label that we got you.

2. Recycle it via wecycle. Just put your old products in one of the e-waste containers near you. Btw, you can earn Valyuu credits for that. Capture your recycling action and share your picture with us at: [email protected].

Learn more about how to recycle with Valyuu

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