How does it work?

Select the product you want to selling
Find the product in our catalogue, select the details and conditions.
Choose a selling plan

Fixed plan: You will receive a fixed amount of payment within one day.

Flex plan: Get your product assessed thoroughly to receive a higher amount of payment.

Send your product to us free of charge
We will send you a pre-paid shipping label as we take care of the shipping costs.
Get paid
You will receive the payment in your bank account.

Your data is safe

We value your privacy. Therefore, we will wipe your data according to the GDPR data protection guidelines. We will do it at the moment we receive your product.

Bye πŸ‘‹ time-consuming

Pathetic bids, slick buyers, sometimes, it is just not worth it. But, so many people have several unused products lying around, and we are the option if there is only one place to sell it easily.

Bye e-waste

Giving your used products a second life contributes to the circular economy. Being sustainable is beneficial for everyone; it is great for the environment and good for your wallet. That is worth something!

Hello fair value

You will sell your used products for a fair price in a transparent process. We always stand for openness and clarity towards our customers.

Complete data wiping
Effortless process
Hello sustainability
Fair is fair

Words from our customers

Bye old products, hello