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Forget all you know about selling electronics.

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How does it work?

Get an offer. Instantly.
No need to upload photos, write any description, or deal with a shady buyer. Just answer a few questions, and get a fair offer for your product.
Choose a plan and ship your device.
Do you prefer getting fast pay (24 hours fast) or the best value (a few days fast)? Either way, you'll get a prepaid shipping label to get it to us for free.
Your data gets wiped. You get paid.
First, our certified erasure software takes care of your device. Then, we’ll close some deals to make sure you get paid as fast as promised.
Want to make someone’s day? Donate the value of your product to Stichting Leergeld.

How is your product recirculated?

Next owner
When your device passes all of our tests, it will directly go to its next owner.
When your device is damaged, it will go to refurbishers, who fix it up for its next owner.
When your device is declared dead, it will go to recyclers, who turn the raw materials into something useful.


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What if my product turns out to be stolen or is counterfeit?
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What happens if there is data left in the product by accident?
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I can not find the product I want to sell using the search bar. Can I still sell it?
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Are there any hidden costs to the service Valyuu provides?
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How do I find the IMEI number of my smartphone or tablet?
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