Give used electronic
products a new life

We created an effortless and safe way to buy, sell, recycle or donate electronics.

We bring people, companies, refurbishers and recyclers together to move to a sustainable circular model.
So the value of used electronics no longer goes to waste.

The electronics industry is a mess

People generate over 55 million tonnes of electronic waste every year.
That’s about 800 laptops that get thrown out every second

Only 12.5% of e-waste is recycled the right way.
85% of used electronics ends up catching dust in our homes and offices.
Most e-waste ends up in landfills in Asia or Africa. Or burned in incinerators releasing bad toxins in the air.
The economy loses €100 billion per year because electronics aren’t reused or recycled properly.

Valyuu to the rescue

Extending the lifespan of electronics is key to reducing its negative impact.

Most electronics are designed to last years longer than the time we use them.

Unused electronics deserve a second, third, or even fourth life.

This reduces CO2 emissions and saves tons of e-waste from landfills.

Why Valyuu

Only 17% of people sell their used electronics. That’s nuts. Big barriers exist for people to buy and sell their used electronics. Second hand is considered risky. And a hassle. We’re here to change that. We make people aware of the value that used electronics still have. Not just money-wise, but above all for the environment.

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Let’s join forces to go circular.

We are fanatic about bringing circularity to electronics. We must join forces to get there. That’s why we want to get as many people on board as possible. Let’s capture the value of used electronics together. And let no single product go to waste anymore. You in?

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