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Are you reliable?
Can I use Valyuu in Belgium and Germany?
I can’t find the product I want to sell. What to do?
Will I get the offered amount for sure?
Why can’t I choose ‘best value’ to sell this product?
Can I still sell my product to you if it’s no longer entirely original?
What happens when I choose ‘Fast pay’?
What happens when I choose ‘Best value’?
What happens when I choose to donate?
Who pays for the shipping cost?
Can I drop off my product somewhere instead of sending it?
What if the package is lost in transit?
I listed my product on Valyuu but I didn’t get a shipping label.
What about the data on my product?
How do I delete all of the data on my product?
Why should I sign out of my accounts on the products (iCloud, Samsung, Google, etc.)?
How do I sign out of my accounts on my product? (iCloud, Samsung, Google, etc.)?
Should I send anything along with the product? (accessories, chargers, original box, games, etc.)
What if my product turns out to be stolen or is counterfeit?
Are there any hidden costs to the service Valyuu provides?
Can I cancel my sale after I have shipped the product to you?
Has my package arrived yet?
Can I still use my shipping label?
Can I swap my device for another device?
Something else?
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