One Eiffel Tower of e-waste pops up every 2 hours

Ouch. That comes down to 53 million tons of e-waste per year. Worldwide, we are buying more new electronics than ever and treating them like disposable cameras—no wonder the planet is becoming toxic.

The irresponsible renewal of electronics needs to end yesterday today.

83% of all electronics catch dust in our drawers. Until they're considered worthless and end up on the tower of e-waste.

We have so much new stuff. There is enough to go around for years.

Recirculating our electronics is key. The fact that 80% of all electronics we don't use anymore are perfectly functioning, quite frankly, shocked us. The other 20% needs a little touch-up or get recycled into a new existence.

Why don't we just reuse our electronics?

We were wondering the same thing. So we asked. And people told us convenience, data sensitivity, and risk are the biggest barriers to buying and selling used electronics. Also, pricing, negotiating, and not-getting-scammed are considered a hassle. And we don't like hassle.

So we created

The first circular economy marketplace to extend the lifespan of electronics. That's a mouthful, but it just means it's an easy and trusted way to sell, buy and donate pre-owned electronics.

A circular native community.

Not a sustainable afterthought, but a starting point. Everything we do, from buying and selling, to repairing and recycling, is so no electronic product ends up in landfill. We believe people will do better when sustainability finally meets convenience.

The world is ready for pre-owned electronics.

Our e-waste heroes have already recirculated over 10000 used electronic products. Our NPS of 79 signals pre-owned is the new chic.

Let's build a world where no electronic product stays unused.

You in?

Check out recycle and repair to learn how Valyuu can help avoid your old electronics from becoming e-waste.

Yes, you - corporation, refurbisher, recycler and repairer.

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